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IPC Utilities

Having disk images that you can duplicate and store on another computer is useful, but what you really want to do is to read the data on the disk images. That's where ipc_utils comes in handy. The package has a set of library routines which can operate on the disk images, and four handy applications that use the routines. Currently, ipc_utils can only read IPC filesystems. I may add (or maybe you will) the ability to write someday.

The package does require some include files from the IPC which I have provided. These files are copyright by HP, so if they complain, I will pull the include files. Then you would need to get them off your IPC on your own.

The programs

ipc_ls IPC-image [ file-or-directory ]
List the specified file or directory using a UNIX style listing.
ipc_cat IPC-image file
Copies the given file from the IPC image to standard out.
ipc_dump IPC-image
Dumps the contents of the volume header and superblock to standard out. This is probably only useful to people who are developing software for use on the raw filesystem.
ipc_burst IPC-image directory
This is like an "untar" program for IPC filesystems. Given an image of a filesystem and a directory name on the extracting computer (if the directory does not already exist, one will be made), ipc_burst will recursively extract all the files and directories on the IPC image.


The ipc_utils package can be downloaded for free by clicking here. You may only use the program for educational/hobby purposes. You can freely redistribute and modify the software as long as you keep the copyright information intact.


The ipc_utils package is fairly generic and easy to install. I have compiled it on Solaris 7 and OpenBSD, so it should be portable to most UNIX systems. Please let me know if you make modifications or bug fixes so that I can incorporate the changes back into the source distribution.

The makefile distributed with ipc_utils requires GNU make. If you don't have access to GNU make, then you can compile the utilities by hand. Just compile each program source file with ipc_utils.c and that should do it.

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Peter Johnson

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