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Bundled Software

Enhancements to the UNIX operating system, such as HP Windows, PAM, and graphics, create a unique environ- ment for software on the Integral PC. Packaged with the Integral PC are the software solutions you need to operate in this environment.

The Tutor Disc
for quick, easy lessons on operating the Integral PC.
The Utilities Disc
for such common operations as copying and formatting discs.
HP-UX Commands Disk 1 and Disk 2
containing the most popular HP- UX commands, and capable of creating custom commands and functions when used with the Applications Disc. This disc includes C-Shell, a command processor with C-like syntax.
Standard Applications Disc
provides such program func- tions as word processing, simple drawings, simple math calculations, and a pure-fun game. Included on this disc are several different character fonts, as well as a font editor for creating custom fonts.
System Disc
contains utilities such as HP graphics Lan- guage (HPGL) Windows Driver, HP-IB printer and plotter device drivers, RS-232C printer serial drivers, and the local language versions of PAM.
Diagnostics Disc
quickly runs a diagnostic test of the sys- tem.

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